Sunday, May 21, 2017

This is how you clean iPhone7plus

Okay, as the title above suggests, i accidentally put my iPhone7plus inside my washing machine...Yes..accidentally... this comes with not a teenager nor yet a senior, i what you would say the mid-life crisis age and my age has not yet reach that certain age when your life began..... but memory loss is getting frequent nowadays

Anyway, i thought i had a broken washing machine when a rattling sound coming out of it, so the usual me i just let it be and see what happens after, i have no clue that my phone was inside not until i the machine stops washing and me taking out the clothes out of it....and there the bottom of the washing machine, my iphone!! Gasp!... at that moment i was quite amaze how forgetful i was.... but somehow i have a feeling that it would still be working and to my not-so-surprised, it still works!! Fingerprint scanner works! Its like nothing happen....except a few scratches on the screen and a lil bent iphone....

Thats how you test iPhone's waterproofing


Thats how you clean an iPhone...

Anyway, water did enter the iPhone as i saw some dark marks/spots (caused by water) on the screen. My iPhone camera was foggy as well. It was on silent mode all the time, and when i pressed the phone to take out the case, water droplets coming out of the ear speaker...Ouch! Stereo speaker did not work well, the left side was a bit quiet... no ringtones due to it being keep on silent mode. but what impresses me is it is still ON. I didnt bother to switch it off, i was afraid that it wont come back on, touch screen still works, no glass breaks, like i said it just bent a bit...because when i put it flat on the table, the phone would not lie flat...

They say to dry off phone is to soak it in raw rice... the rice would absorb the moisture out of the phone...its kinda supernatural (Rice and technology doesnt seem to walk hand in hand) but in theory it seems to make sense. . Anyway, i did soak it in, not sure its the rice or some voodoo, the dark spots on the screen does fade away little by little.

I did some drying with a hairdryer as well but im worried that i might overheat the components inside..bahaha i guess i just wait it to dry out by itself...

they say time heals all wounds.....

in this case, time would probably make it rusty inside....

iPhone8, come soon!

My Camera Porn: Sony A6000

I love camera porn. Thats one of the reason i would buy a camera. Aesthetic first function second, call me nuts but thats just how i roll...... lol. Thats why i'm so drawn to Fuji....i love retro cameras, retro looks, i would buy a Zenith just for its looks, but shooting film?? Just too much work for me, hassle, i did shoot with an Olympus OM10 a couple years back and i have yet to develop the rolls, i think i lost the rolls too!! FUdge me!

Even though i love Fuji looks, Sony does have an appealing look too! Except after i owned it hahaha... GAS syndrome! Especially when fitted with vintage lens/Leica lens... oh baby *drools* but the only vintage lens i can afford is voigtlander, maybe not anymore hahah after spending 1.5k on Sony more "investment" for now...

Anyway lets see some porn shall we, here is my Sony A6000, shot with Sony A7S. Natural light from window on my left. I love what one can achieve with one light. Boy, sure is dusty the A6000.

 This is my favourite shot of them all... it looked like it came straight from the brochure! haha...  its a little underexpose but i liked it....

Here's another shot with another light coming from the heavens up above aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Sony A7S vs A6000 Indoor low light test UPDATED!

So i screwed up my previous comparison where i compare A7S HIGH ISO NR set to LOW and A6000 HIGH ISO NR set to OFF. Thats just plain stupid. bwahahaha. thats what happen when you do a rush job. By you i meant me!  😂

Anyway, i did another quick test aka rush job, the same settings like previous, A7S fitted with 55mm f1.8, A6000 fitted with 35mm f2.8 aka FF equivalent 52mm. I set the shutter speed to 1/60, aperture at 2.8, ISO varies depends on comparison. Now for both cameras i set the HIGH ISO NR to LOW. And these are JPEGS OOC except for ISO6400 i brighten in post at 2 stops and ISO128000 brighten in post at 1 stop.

 A6000 ISO6400, brighten in post 2 stops.

A7S ISO6400 brighten in post 2 stops

 A6000 ISO128000, brighten in post 1 stop

A7S ISO128000 brighten in post 1 stop

 A6000 ISO256000 OOC Untouched

A7S ISO256000 OOC Untouched

A7S still comes out better as expected. I like the grain structure of the A7S. Both cameras have color noise but its worst on the A6000 and the A6000 is smudgy as well. 

I blog more when i have time now i gotta go. duty calls!


Friday, May 19, 2017

Sony A7S vs A6000 Indoor low light test

"Apparently i had the Sony A6000 High ISO NR to OFF but the A7S is on LOW! Thats not a fair fight!! Instead of editing this post i'll just make a new post"

I am getting way ahead of myself.

Actually i wanted to do a quick first impression of my brand newly own Sony A7S... but to satisfy my pixel peeping OCDness, and to convince myself that the A7S is truly the king of low light as many netizens called it....i did a non scientific comparisons between Sony A7S and the Sony A6000..... fuck science. You wanna shoot charts n bricks go ahead....not gonna find it here.... bahahaha.

Anyway, long story short, after owning the A7S, there's a side of me keep telling me that Fuji can also take great pictures in low light, i mean of course they do duh, then whats the advantage of my Sony? why did i bought the A7S? Should have stayed the idea on buying Fuji. Reading reviews on countless blogs didnt help. Steve Huff compared it with Olympus EM1 mark ii and the results were kinda astounding for a micro four third sensor! Its almost on par. Then why the hell did i go with Sony?? Or is this just GAS talk? just because i already have the A7S, now i want the Fuji....fuck sakes GAS...

Anyway, enough crap talk, lets get to the comparison. Lets compare apples vs apples. No one apple is the same right? 😂 I did this comparison because,

1) i have pixel peeping OCD
2) To convince me that the A7S is truly great in low light
3) and because i happen to have two Sony bodies, namely the A7S and the A6000.

Lens fitted on A7S is 55mm 1.8 (I FRIKKIN LOVE THIS LENS) and on A6000 is 35mm 2.8 (I USED TO LOVE BUT AFTER 55mm NOT SO MUCH) , so FF equivalent is roughly the same focal length about 52mm. I set the aperture of both lens to f2.8 and shutter speed at 1/60. ISO varies depends on comparison. Everything OOC JPEGS. Noise Reduction LOW.

*UPDATE* (A7S HIGH ISO NR LOW vs A6000 OFF) Sorry this is what happen when i do a rush job!!

This is the level of darkness the eyes see. Not pitch black dark but still pretty dark for general photography.

 First the A6000, using ISO 25600 (Max ISO). Color noise is partying!

Here is the Sony A7S, same ISO 25600, Hmmm pretty darn impressive! There's noise of course but looks pretty clean (Useable). I think i satisfied my OCD. Yes A7S has that low light advantage.

But lets get real, normally people would stop at max ISO6400. For nowadays-camera this is the max usable highest ISO for a clean image.

Here's A6000, i brighten it in post by 2 stops to get the optimum exposure. Hmmmmm...

Here's Sony A7S. I brighten it 2 stops just like the A6000. Its definitely better than the A6000.

Here's for fun, Sony A7S ISO51200,

Thats still usable right? Yeah sure there's noise but look at the wordings on the lens, still look kinda sharp.

And a word about AF, i think both camera are pretty much the same speed. I didn't noticed who, what or which is slower or faster. They do hunt initially but once they locked focus, afterwards its just quick AF....(thats As Fuck) bahahahahahahah.... i meant Auto Focus....... or both. 😂

And that concludes my non scientific comparison.....


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I caved in........

In the end i caved in. its just an offer i cant refuse. i bought the used Sony A7S facebook deal. At $1500USD thats a great deal. It includes the body and 2 lenses, 55m f1.8 and 24-70 f4. But there is one catch though. But obviously its not a deal breaker. cos i bought it?? 😂

Shots taken with iphone7plus. VSCOed to death!

Here is the catch.......
The rubber near the card slot peeled off. But everything else work perfectly.

In operation wise, the rubber didn't really get in the way, its just annoying looking at it because i like my cameras to be smart/neat, no dangling rubber. but for the price, its a fuckin great deal.

"So far so good" - Joshua Faraday

I am so happy with my purchase.

But honestly afterwards, i was reading the X100F review! bahahaha 😂

Talk about GAS!
GAS wins everytime.

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Trying out the Cinematic Stills

I was reading someone's blog when he mentioned about doing a cine stills. Basically its a photo that looks like its been taken from a movie. i do dig that kinda look. So here goes some rush shit job color grading in lightroom. Just some random photos i took with my brand new camera. Uh Oh did i tell you that? Yes! I got a new camera!

I need to work more with the color grading or spent more time on it. These pictures are rush jobs, just how i like to be. i hate too much time spending on post processing. i really love using presets! And also i had to do a quick refresher on using photoshop...boy i was rusty! Thanks Gods fors youtubes ands googles!

Or i could tell you that these are stills from a local drama??

Convinced yet?

Proof that i always wanted a Sony A7S all along....


I was googling Sony A7S when i stumbled upon my old blog post.

Its proof that i've been eyeing it!

Proof or poof....